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NSE thanks you once again

Dear Friend NSE thanks you once again for registering to the 'Direct from NSE'. We are initiating a series of questions along with the answers that will help you to have a better understanding of the risk management mechanism of the Exchange Today's Question :1 Why should there be margins? Just as we are faced with day to day uncertainties pertaining to weather, health, traffic etc and take steps to minimize the uncertainties, so also in the stock markets, there is uncertainty in the movement of share prices. This uncertainty leading to risk is sought to be addressed by margining systems by stock markets. Suppose an investor, purchases 1000 shares of 'xyz' company at Rs.100/- on January 1,2008. Investor has to give the purchase amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- (1000X100) to his broker on or before January 2, 2008. Broker, in turn, has to give this money to stock Exchange on January 3, 2008. There is always a small chance that the investor may not be able to bring the required money by required date. As an advance for buying the shares, investor is required to pay a portion of the total amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- to the broker at the time of placing the buy order. Stock Exchange in turn collects similar amount from the broker upon execution of the order. This initial token payment is called margin. Remember, for every buyer there is a seller and if the buyer does not bring the money, seller may not get his/her money. Margin is levied on the seller also to ensure that he/she gives the 100 shares sold to the broker who in turn gives it to the Stock Exchange. Margin payments ensure that each investor is serious about buying or selling shares. In the above example, assume that margin was 15%. that is investor has to give Rs. 15,000/- (15% of Rs. 1,00,000/-) to the broker before buying. Now suppose that investor bought the shares at 11 am on January 1.2008. Assume that by the end of the day price of the share falls by Rs. 25/-. That is total value of the shares has come down to Rs. 75,000/-. That is buyer has suffered a notional loss of Rs. 25,000/-. In our example buyer has paid Rs. 15,000/- as margin but the notional loss, because of fall in price, is Rs. 25,000/-.. That is notional loss is more than the margin given. In such a situation, the buyers may not want to pay Rs. 1,00,000/- for the share whose value has come down to Rs. 75,000/-. Similarly, if the price has gone up by Rs. 25/-, the seller may not want to give the share at Rs. 1,00,000/-. To ensure that both buyers and sellers fulfill their obligations irrespective of prices movements, notional losses are also need to be collected. Prices of shares may keep on moving everyday. Margins ensure that buyers bring money and sellers bring shares to complete their obligations even though the prices have moved down or up. Regards,

Friday, October 12, 2007


The million dollar question is when is the correction will start? If we see the nifty End of the Day candle stick chart, we will see that Nifty has given a vertical jump from 4500 spot level, and since then its just running and running, and we are at 5500.

If we see historical crashes, the markets usually crash from 15 to 20% up rise. But this time it has grown almost 30% from bottom level. The fund house are giving a target of 6000 in nifty and 20000 in Indian Sensex.

The fact is, we are passing by the result sessions. Historically markets usually fall after the results. THE heavy weight stocks will produce there results in next two weeks. After that we can guess that the market will get no fresh wind to move up.

Hence the market may see a major correction which is pending from a long time. So it is quite risky to roll over for next month. Whatever the TV analysts say, we may book some profits now, and continue riding the last part of bull run. It is believed that if the money is saved, the stock market gives opportunities for ever.


The third quarter result of Infosys technologies has come out today. The result was below expectation and was in line .

Today all technologies stocks went down with infosys. only the good news is Infosys BPO has posted 43 per cent jump in its net profit to Rs 39.50 crs compared with last and same quarter.

The technology stocks are moving down rapidly due to rupee appreciation from last few months. Infosys also has come down very much.

It is expected that the tech company will change there payment option from American dollar to euro or to Indian rupee. And the process is on. So that it is expected that from next few months, we will see some positive movements in this stock.


There was a rumor that both Mukesh and Anils wealth is now around 200 billion dollar and its the worlds top rich !

Dheerubhai Ambani, who starter his career in Yemen as a petrol Pump accountant, become the most successful businessman in India, and now that Reliance industries has become the worlds top rich company.

The market capital of this company has sharply gone up with the rising Indian stock market, which is rising rapidly from last few weeks. Reliance Industries, which has around 26% nifty wattage, has the largest market capital in India, and now aiming to beat the world.

There is a market rumor that Mukesh Ambani will be the worlds top rich man pursing behind Bill Gates of Microsoft, in a few days. The chemical engineer is already India's top rich man .. Mr Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani.


The famous stock Reliance Petrolium is now at sky! listed at NSE at 90 rs a year ago, went to 120 rs that day itself, the historical may 06 crash after that, long long consolidation at 60 level and now finally smile on investors face!!

RPL is the NSE code, and people say that is is the future mailbager and the future king of Indian stock market. Though Mukesh, the chairman of RPL told that the company will start some where of end of the year 08, now the great news is , the construction was so fast that it will complete just before the date !

Yes, according to a recent press realise, the Reliance Chairman Mr Mukesh Ambani told that RPL may start its production form March 08. and the construction etc will be finish before that.

The wondering thing is RPL has full order book till financial year2010 already before making any production.

The stock is roaring from last few days , after a long consolidation it is now at the level of 170-180. It is said that the stock will soon touch 200 before any major correction.

Reliance Movements

Today i have come to you with reliance chart. Mukesh ambani lead reliance industries is moving like a mad from last few days. U may have noticed that that RIL has started its jump after a long consolidation from 1250-1300. so what is the main point would u like to ask.. weather it is moving towards 3000 or more?

Surely may of our friends would like to know weather it is trying to go to 3000 or not. There is a market rumor that there will be a split in this counter. If this happens this will be nice for the investors. Reliance industries is proven in its track records. long time , long ways.

If this split happens, then the face value might be 5rs or so. that means every one RIL holder will get 2 shares. what els can be nice than this!!

There is an another news about Reliance Retails. Market rumor that Reliance will come with a world class Initial Public Offer. Last year we have seen that Reliance petrol IPO was the biggest single IPO of Indian stock market on the ground of application and equity volume.

Let us see what happens with Reliance Industries in the near future.

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